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Weathly Weekend in Sheffield

This weekend Sheffield will host free activities, talks and exhibitions designed to inspire local people to discover and create wealth that matters.

Adults and children have been invited to engage in free city centre activities which will explore wealth to be found in the nature and culture of Sheffield.

On Saturday at 16.45pm until 18.30pm, images and quotes will be projected onto the Upper Chapel walls on Norfolk Street in the city centre and people will also be invited inside to warm up with soup, hot chocolate and cake.

On Sunday from 11am until 16.00pm, there will be more free exhibitions, talks and activities for all ages at the Millennium gallery.

Local people who have been successful in Sheffield will share insights into what kind of wealth is important and how to make more of this in Sheffield.


The Aim of Consumption: John Ruskin 1860. Photo courtesy Ruskin-in-Sheffield

Talks, visual projections, artworks and activities will explore the famous statement from the genius of the great philanthropist, artist and author, John Ruskin:

There is no wealth but life.

Speakers will include Andrew Simms, author of best-selling TescopolyFiona Reynolds DBE, former Director-General of the National Trust and Clive Wilmer, Master of the Guild of St George.

Wealthy Weekend is presented by the University of Sheffield and the Guild of St George, and is part of the UK’s first national Being Human Festival of the Humanities.