Swinging BeauBowBelles come to Sheffield South Sea Live

London swing folk band BeauBowBelles are coming to Sheffield this Saturday, playing at independent music venue, South Sea Live.

The BeauBowBelles, four singer songwriters with a unique style and multi-instrumental talents, list influences which include gypsy and western folk, country, blues and classical.

In keeping with this, added to guitar, violin and flute, their instruments also include the keytar, stylophone, toy piano, glockenspiel, accordion, kickdrum, whistle and bells. Their debut EP ‘To The Moon’ was released last September and in addition to playing festivals and gigs, they released the single ‘All Over That’ in September this year.

‘To The Moon’, is  filled with energy and emotion, style and soulful story-telling. The operatic drama of ‘All Over That’ is a bewitching piece of baroque celebration in tight harmonies and swinging rhythm and is beautifully illustrated in the music video created by students from the Art University College at Bournemouth. Here, sounds of whirling gypsy and stomping country combine surreally with 1950’s swing and courtesan classic.

The vivacious intensity of the music and the witty original lyrics guarantee great entertainment value from the BeauBowBelles, who have received good reviews from the LA music channel KCRW:

The BeauBowBelles combine their funny lyrics and burlesque decadence with their incredible singing talents, making for a charismatic live performance

and comedian Russell Kane:

An ejaculation of celestial music .

This Saturday, 29th November, the band will be appearing at the South Sea Live, on Spooner road in Broomhill. An independent Sheffield Event and Venue bar, South Sea Live is a 200 capacity music venue with the mission statement :

Live music is what matters.

Owners of South Sea Live are musicians who have played with bands in independent venues for over 20 years, organised outdoor events and run an independent recording studio, all demonstrating passionate support of live music which is original and alternative.

The BeauBowBelles at South Sea Live promises to be a night of quality entertainment in the best Sheffield tradition – loud and lively.

To The Moon EP artwork designed by the band.

To The Moon EP artwork designed by the band.