SU Listings

SU Listings is the FIRST listings site exclusively for Sheffield independents and those looking to support them.

SU Listings is all about promoting independents in Sheffield, helping you to find where those independents are and encouraging you to support independents instead of the big corporations which are generally easier to find.

We do that by listing all independents for FREE on our website and mobile app. Anyone can use the website or SU Listings app for FREE to find an independent simply by clicking on a map or searching in a category.

This is especially useful for visitors to Sheffield who would like to support independents but don’t know where they are and for new independents to make themselves known.


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Putting Sheffield independents on the map!

Click on the map to go to the SU Listings website…

SU Listings Website – click on the image to go to SU Listings

SU Listings Website – click on the map to go to SU Listings

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