Sheffield Unchained launches SU Listings App

EDIT: SU Listings has been taken down until further notice. For a further explanation you can read this article.

Sheffield Unchained are very excited to announce the launch of the SU Listings app, a new mobile phone app, which helps Sheffielders and those visiting the city to find independent businesses in Sheffield and the surrounding area. 

Sheffield Unchained set up a free SU Listings website in 2014 with the aim of celebrating and promoting independents which actively invest in the Sheffield community. Linked to the SU Listings website, Sheffield Unchained has now released a new SU Listings Android mobile app, which allows Sheffielders and visitors to the city to access 120 independents, including artisans and artists, collectors and cooks, entertainers and entrepreneurs of Sheffield.

Editor in Chief, Marishka Alexandra Bream, explains the ethos behind Sheffield Unchained:

Sheffield Unchained currently operates entirely on a voluntary basis and we want to continue to support businesses which source local goods and services, uphold fairtrade and ethical standards of supply and who help other independents and the local community to grow.

Marishka said that they are always on the lookout for interesting new independents and are building a directory through SU Listings, which will help others to find the fun and the fascinating right on their doorstep.

Locals and those visiting Sheffield can use the SU Listings app to find local shopping and independent events. The app also allows users to search over 20 categories of independents, locate those closest to them and get door to door directions, contact details, information about events and special offers.

Sheffield Unchained has worked with local independent film company, Humbledinger to make an advert for the app and Marishka explained that the entire process and all the work behind the app has been voluntary.

We have been very privileged to work with a volunteer programmer who has spent many evenings and weekends working hard on the Android app. The SU Listings app for Apple devices is currently in development and we plan to make it available in the next few months.

You can download the Android app free from the Google Play store (link has been removed by the editor):


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