Sheffield students investigate the demolition of Devonshire Street

Sheffield Hallam journalism students, The Three Docuteers, investigate the controversial decision by the Sheffield Council to approve plans to demolish a row of independent shops on Devonshire Street.

The decision was made last Tuesday despite a gathering of hundreds of protesters outside the Sheffield Town Hall chanting ‘Save Devonshire Street’ and a 20,756-signature petition against the scheme.

Liam O’Neill, Will Hartley and Logan Macleod, who call themselves The Three Docuteers, have made a short documentary showing what happened last Tuesday inside the Sheffield Town Hall and exploring the arguments for and against the decision.

Rumors uncovered

Sheffield Unchained spoke to Rare and Racy regarding a statement by Primesite in the documentary that Rare and Racy have been trying to get out of their shop for ages. Allen Capes, partner at Rare and Racy, disputed this statement:

It’s not true that we’ve been looking to get out of our shop, we’ve definitely never said anything like that to anyone. I think they might be talking about the Natural Bed Company

We spoke to Caro Whiteside, marketing manager at The Natural Bed Company, to find out if this was true:

I think there have been a lot of rumors going around. We’ve been here an awful long time and we love the area.

We had no intention of leaving until we realised that the buildings were going to be bought by a developer, until then we weren’t looking to move at all. We have been looking at other options, but under the assumption that the application is likely to go ahead and we’d love to see the area stay independent whether we stay or not.

The developers are right in that the buildings are in poor condition. So we have mixed feelings, but we hope that the area will stay independent and we hope to stay in the area.

Its been heartening to see so much support for independents in the city and we really appreciate it.

You can read more about the Sheffield Council decision in our previous article.

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  1. jason

    Great video guys!

    The faffing in the town hall was yet another example of the absurdly unprofessional practices from the council. You would think with 20’000 on a petition they would at least have a representative for the day and seats reserved for press/local businesses.

    It’s a crying shame, people travel from other cities just to admire and take photos of Phlegm’s artwork around the back, and obviously same goes for the actual shops, one of a kind gems!

    Also, respect to the guy in the red jacket who just went for it up the stairs, haha

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