Sheffield Presents Emily Jane

It was a “best one yet” Tramlines for Sheffield musician Emily Jane, who performed at three different venues this year. Sheffield Unchained contributor, Corrie Pearce, caught up with her just before the big event.

It’s that time of year again where the biggest musical event in Sheffield returns to showcase talent all around the city centre. I met up with one individual who was particularly excited for the beat to kick in.

I genuinely get more excited about Tramlines than Christmas!

Emily Jane told me, as we sat down in the pub which already contained a buzz about the upcoming event. Not only is Emily a fan of the festival, she is also performing over the weekend – trading her pint glass for her guitar this year.

Emily isn’t a stranger to the stage though, as just a few years ago she supported Artery at the O2 Academy in Sheffield in front of over 400 people. With just a few weeks to put together a 40 minute set, including one original song, she stepped up to the task and successfully blew the crowd away. It had a domino effect and she started getting offered gig after gig in Sheffield.

I was pretty much thrown in at the deep end, so I don’t get too nervous for other gigs now, which, I guess, worked out well for my confidence!

Her first breakthrough performance came as a little 4 year old girl, when she did Spice Girl dance routines for her parents – constantly asking whether they were filming her or not. Over the years her Baby Spice act developed and it wasn’t long before she had a guitar in her hand with her dad teaching her acoustic techniques.

She tells me it is her dad that she’s inherited the musical gift from and that he is there gig after gig. Emily Stancer changed her stage name to Emily Jane to help the audience remember her performances and follow her online. She tells me about her musical idol and how wonderful the one and only Madonna is.

My mantra in life is “What would Madonna do?” If I feel overwhelmed or start stressing out about what to do, I always ask myself that question. The woman is just so strong and powerful.

I know she gets quite a bit of criticism, but I just think if I look like that at her age I’ll be happy. And why wouldn’t you wear all that lycra if you had the body to get away with it!

Just like her idol, Emily’s been extremely busy lately, not only landing performances around the city, but also graduating with a 1st in Graphic Design from the University of Huddersfield and working away as a graphic designer. She’s also preparing for the launch night of her debut EP. This will be at the Golden Harvest on the 12th September, with free entry for all and just the mention of it has Emily beaming from ear to ear.


Photo courtesy of Emily Jane

Unlike her usual acoustic set, for the launch Emily will have a band with her and deliver the songs in the way she’s always imagined. It’s been Emily and the guitar for over 6 years, but from the smile across her face it’s clear this is something she’s looking forward to. The EP consists of 4 new tracks and each one was the result of a 12 hour shift by Emily and Ash, fuelled by a variety of fast foods that kept the two of them going.

The EP genuinely consists of blood, sweat, Kebabish and tears! It’s a fresh new set of songs I managed to create with my co-writer Ash Holland.

We just bounce off each other and ensure that we get the best song possible out of our ideas. The slightest change, even just a word, can have such an effect and make it that much better.

It worked out quite poetically, as Emily tells me her first original was inspired by the sad news about a friend passing away. In her debut EP she’s written another original song as a tribute. This is as close to her private life as her songs will allow as she tells me she’s quite sentimental, but likes to keep her music and her personal life apart.

Although she does disclose her routine for gigs – which includes making sure the alcohol is in the hands of her audience and not her own! Emily sticks to the herbal teas and glasses of water instead and uses manuka honey to keep her throat as healthy as possible.

I try to stay away from dairy before a gig to make my throat as clear as possible, but chocolate does make it quite a struggle to stick to that plan!

Emily seems pretty laid back and even more so when the conversation turns to her future hopes and dreams. Her plan is just to keep having fun and to continue until it ever becomes a chore. She hopes the recordings will become more regular and the gigs will keep on coming, as she keeps things light hearted and focuses on the fun, positive side of music. She is excited for the future.

You can catch the Emily Jane debut EP launch at the Golden Harvest on 12th September 2015 at 19.00 and follow Emily Jane on Facebook and Twitter.