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Join the Sheffield mass Bike Ride

All Sheffield bike owners are invited by CycleSheffield to join the Big Ride, Saturday 25th April 2015.

I love cycling and I love Sheffield, but part of my daily commute includes praying my rattling bones don’t shatter as I grit my teeth to judder over countless pot-holes. Forget Paris-Roubaix Le Tour, Bannderdale Road is my personal Hell of the North. I tackle this grueling hill whilst also looking out for cars reversing out of driveways or overtaking me. Luckily, the rest of my journey is far smoother and very beautiful.

Space for Cycling

Photo courtesy of CycleSheffield

There are, alas, many people in Sheffield who are not getting on their bikes because they fear for their safety. Thankfully, we have some dedicated volunteers at CycleSheffield who tirelessly campaign to make cycling in Sheffield safer and more enjoyable for all.

Their demands for action include safer school routes, protected space for cyclists on main roads, reduced through-traffic and lower speed limits in residential areas.

CycleSheffield Chair, Matt Turner, says:

We need our politicians to recognise the wider benefits of making Space for Cycling. We can make Sheffield a more pleasant place to live, with a healthier population, less traffic and cleaner air.

Last year the Space for Cycling  Big Ride got the message across with what turned out to be a 200 strong mass bike ride around Sheffield.

This year the Big Ride is set to be even bigger and with the Space for Cycling campaign, aims to create conditions for safe biking in Sheffield. The 6km fun ride is aimed at doing just that – marshals will manage the route, keep the group together and the pace steady. The Big Ride is free and open to all ages and abilities.

CycleSheffield volunteer and Space for Cycle lead Emma Metcalfe says:

I can promise a truly magical event where ordinary people ride together in a peaceful and joyful procession, to the sound of hundreds of tinkling bicycle bells (and Sheffield tunes from our home-made bike-mounted boombox!) It’s not about being sporty or being a traditional ‘cyclist’ – it’s about the freedom to travel around the city we love.

All you need to do to get involved in the Space for Cycling campaign is hop on your bike and join the throng on Saturday 25th April, starting at 10.30 from Barkers Pool. No tickets needed!