A view of Devonshire Street from The Rag Parade above Syd & Mallory, image courtesy of The Rag Parade

Sheffield community rallies against demolition of Devonshire Quarter

Independent Sheffield businesses are facing destruction if  plans for a new development are given the go-ahead by Sheffield Council.

Properties on 162 to 170 Devonshire Street are due to be demolished and replaced by apartments and cafes or restaurants. These include landmark independents such as Rare and Racy which has been selling books, music and prints on Devonshire street for 45 years.

Amongst other independents affected are the vintage clothes emporium Syd & Mallory, the Natural Bed Company and the Rag Parade vintage clothing store.

Syd & Mallory's Emporium, image courtesy of Syd & Mallory

Syd & Mallory’s Emporium, image courtesy of Syd & Mallory

The Devonshire Quarter has become known for the unique, small, independent business which have characterised the area for a number of years.

A campaign to save the Devonshire Quarter and keep the original buildings and independent traders has collected over 18,685 signatures from objectors so far.

One reason given for signing the petition was from Carol S :

This is one of the few places independent shops still exist  … we want this to continue.

Paul Blomfield, Sheffield Central Labour MP, is backing the campaign. He states that:

Devonshire Street is home to some of Sheffield’s most-loved shops. The character of the buildings has attracted a great range of independent retailers and I’m concerned that they could be lost with the proposed development.

Popular bands Arctic Monkeys and Drenge have also pledged their support to the campaign. Arctic Monkeys’ drummer, Matt Helders, tweeted:

You can’t let em knock down these shops! Classic independent businesses in Sheffield.

Sheffield Unchained readers who would like to save independent businesses on Devonshire street can sign the petition here.