Antiques Quarter Spring Market

Sheffield Antiques Quarter Spring Market

Sunday 28 April was the last day of the Sheffield Antiques Quarter’s celebration of National Antiques Week. Businesses in the Quarter celebrated the finale by putting on a Spring Market with free entertainment and stalls representing the independents in the Quarter.

Sheffield Unchained popped into the Spring Market to round off a great week visiting the independents in the Quarter and finding out the stories behind their businesses.

Here is a slideshow of some photographs we took as we browsed around the market:

Sheffield Unchained also had a chat with the Antiques Quarter chair Hendrika Stephens about the week’s events:

“It has been fabulous for the Sheffield Antiques Quarter to take part in National Antiques Week. The quarter came together a year ago and this is the first time we have taken part in this national focus and it has helped to place Sheffield on the antiquing map.

“The market was a great success and a perfect end to our celebration of National Antiques Week. We estimate about 3000 people came and there was a good flow of people all day at the market and throughout the quarter. Traders had good sales all round including the local arts, retro clothes, fresh bread, antiques and vintage wares.

“The mix of businesses represented was good and many of the 40 involved came from within the Antiques Centres but there were also a number from outside of the quarter. This would be good to build on for future events, involving related businesses in Shalesmore and Sharrowvale and in other parts of the city.”

Sheffield needs to value independents

Hendrika felt that knowing the stories behind independents was useful for the Quarter and expressed her thoughts on the value of independents:

“Sheffield Unchained has told the real stories behind our businesses in this past week and has provided great, in-depth insights into the Quarter. This is of considerable benefit to the quarter itself, helping us to get to know each other better. This increasing of knowledge and understanding can only have a positive knock on effect of increasing the respect we have for one another and for cohesion.

“We hope we can support Sheffield Unchained and the exceptional role that they are playing to highlight the positive and invaluable aspects of independents in Sheffield. The very nature of independents offers something unique to Sheffield. As a hugely creative and artistic city, Sheffield needs to make the most of this and embrace it.”