Keep Real in Sheffield this Christmas

The Keep Real Collection is a growing online collection of goods and prints with a unique message. Keep Real is all about thoughtful attention to the positive things in life – a wonderful place to find some calm in the Christmas rush.

Kimberley Robinson courtesy of Keep Real

Kimberley Robinson courtesy of Keep Real

Kimberley Robinson is a counselling student who is also passionate about the therapeutic power of illustration. After experiencing a total change of mindset during some counseling for anxiety as a teen, she started pointillist illustration and design as a way of exploring nature and expressing the reality of life.

Art has become a way to find inner peace and calm, says Kimberley. She now finds that nature keeps her ‘grounded’ and exploring the woods near her home in Sheffield provides inspiration for the organic designs which seem to curl themselves over canvas bags, prints, ties and tees with their own vitality and dynamism.

In 2014, Kimberley decided to combine interests in design, illustration and mental health with the launch of what she terms a ‘positive illustration and goods movement’, which is less about selling objects and more about promoting meaning and positive messages.

Keep Real Collection – craft market stall – courtesy of Keep Real

The initials KR  evolved to stand for Keep Real –

a way to maintain balance and groundedness in life, of always being true to oneself

In the Keep Real Collection, a simple canvas tote and cotten tee adorned with twirling leaves or a flower become symbolic of hope and life.


Framed prints courtesy of Keep Real

The authenticity continues – with each purchase comes a hand written note of thanks and a positive message; and currently also a donation of ten per cent to the mental health charity MIND with each print. In the hangover after Black Friday, the passion and honesty behind the Keep Real Collection is both refreshing and inspiring.

To buy inspirational goodies for Christmas see the online shop

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Keep Real Collection

Wish bottles courtesy of Keep Real