Nourish Me Now

NouriSH me now

A Sheffield athlete who was fed up with the bad taste of sports recovery drinks, developed her own natural ones. One year on she has her own business, NouriSH me now, which has recently been nominated by the Yorkshire Business Insider for an award for new businesses.

Lynwen Harrion, the founder of NouriSH me now

NouriSH me now is a natural sports recovery drink based on a dairy formula and it is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK.

Launched at the Hathersage Hilly triathlon on 17 July 2011, the founder Lynwen Harrion said:

“We have developed a loyal following of recreational and elite athletes who powered their way to glory in world class competitions.”

A mother and an athelete

NouriSH me now was created by Lynwen’s, a 42-year-old triathlete and mother of two. See Lynwen Harrion’s lastest results here.

In 2009, after a two year break whilst she had her second baby, Lynwen decided to take up triathlon training again and to try to qualify for Team GB.

However like other working mothers, Lynwen didn’t have a lot of spare time to train. As a result she resorted to muscle recovery products, which would allow her to train sooner after a hard workout session.

The recovery products worked well, but Lynwen felt they were all too expensive and tasted synthetic and unpleasant. It was Lynwen’s son however, who inspired her to make her own natural ones.

After a race, when Lynwen was drinking her post-race recovery drink, her five year old son asked for a some. She hesitated as she felt it might be unsuitable for children. Suddenly Lynwen questioned herself, if she wouldn’t give it to her children why was she drinking it?

So she began to research the optimum formula of protein and carbohydrate for sports recovery. She tried to make her own sports recovery drink at home with natural ingredients, like milk, probiotic yoghurt and fruit extracts.

With the help of her home-made recovery drinks, Lynwen qualified for Team GB and took part in the World Championships in September 2010 in Budapest.

Local business

New flavor of NouriSH me nowCatherine Faux, a triathlete from Sheffield commented on NouriSH’s website;

Lynwen had the support of friends, which meant she could turn her vision into a local enterprise. Her friend Rachel Smith became her business partner and was responsible for marketing and business.

NouriSH me now was tested and developed by experts at Sheffield Hallam University.They then began to promote it at athletic and sporting events in Sheffield.

Catherine Faux, a triathlete from Sheffield, is one of the athletes who SH is nourishing.

“Recovery drinks are ideally knocked back as soon as possible after training and washed down with lots of water to take the taste away. But Nourish me now is different—you want to savour the flavour and sip it slowly.”

A year on, a second flavour  has now been developed, which will be launched on May 17th and will be available in around ten establishments across Sheffield.

The capitals SH in NouriSH me now relate to Lynwen and Rachel’s surnames and more obviously represent the name Sheffield. NouriSH writes on their website;

“We want a locally made product for local athletes.”

So far all but two products from NouriSH are from producers in Sheffield and the Peak District. They claim they are committed to sourcing all products and suppliers as locally as possible to create a totally fresh and luxurious sports recovery drink.

“We are going from strength to strength and it’s all about quality for us,” said Lynwen.