NOSH Night Market

NOSH Night Market brings together the best of Independent Sheffield

NOSH, a South Yorkshire colloquialism that also stands for ‘NOrthern streets in SHeffield’ is the brainchild of Ben Smith of Hop Box and Andrew Critchett of Northern StrEats and Fish&.

On Thursday 30 May an eclectic range of street food, craft beer and entertainment will be on offer at the third NOSH night market at the Old Junior School in Sharrow, Sheffield from 5-10pm.

There will also be an array of market stalls from independent designers and craftspeople as well as live music and live street art in the playground. Hop Box, which serves beer from an old horsebox, will be serving a range of craft beer including Ilkley Brewery’s pale ale, Dinner Ale.

Hop Box is an independent craft beer business, which serves local beer at outside events from the back of a horsebox trailer. Ben, who calls himself ‘a Yorkshire boy’ founded the business in 2011 after being inspired by the street food scene in London:

“The Hop Box is a convenient way for me to channel my interest in great beer, and the micro-brewing scene in the UK is booming at the moment so we do our best to showcase their great work.”

The Hop Box

The Hop Box

Northern StrEats, run by Andrew, is a collective of street food traders in the North, which works together with festivals and event organisers and creates food led events. Northern StrEats also liaises with local authorities to advocate for street food in major towns and cities.

Ben and Andrew have teamed up in order to develop Northern StrEats presence in Sheffield using a night market concept they had seen work well in other cities. Ben said:

“We have been taken aback by the appetite for the NOSH event with over 400 people attending our first events at the Nichols building in Shalesmoor.  We will be going back to the Nichols later in the year, but it was always our plan to tour sites in Sheffield so we are excited about NOSH 3 in Sharrow.”

Showcasing the best of Yorkshire in Sheffield

NOSH is all about partnership and supporting the local community. Ben said that they aim for the venues, the performers and the traders who all contribute to the event, to benefit from participating.

NOSH 2 at the Nichols Building

NOSH 2 at the Nichols Building

The third NOSH event will also be hosting Sheffield LETS, a Local Exchange Trading Scheme where community based mutual aid networks exchange goods and services with one another, using ‘stones’ instead of money. Article 25’s 10×10 open exhibiton and charity auction will be in the canteen area asking 100 creative people to use their artistic talents to represent an area of Sheffield in whatever media they choose.

NOSH is putting all profits from the ticket sales towards the Sharrow Lantern Carnival and Sharrow Festival. Ben said that NOSH is not driven by profit:

“Being able to support community programming in a time when the overall purse for such events is diminishing is really important to us.

“We carefully curate the food, music and stallholder mix, to blend continuity but also to excite, innovate and keep the whole thing fresh.  We do our very best to represent great Sheffield independent businesses, but NOSH is also about bringing the very best that other cities have to offer and showcasing it in Sheffield.”

Ben believes that ‘Sheffield is going places’ and said that since moving back from London he has been ‘completely energised’ by the number of interesting and creative events driven by dynamic people in the independent sector in Sheffield.

“I think there is a healthy counter culture in Sheffield, which is naturally cynical of big high street brands and loyal towards independent business who offer a much more valuable experiential commodity.”

To find out more about the NOSH event this Thursday go to

If you can’t make this Thursday, the next NOSH event will be at Sheffield’s DocFest in Tudor Square between 12-4pm