Morning Meetings vs Dirty Diapers

An explanation

Apologies to all for the radio silence over the last few months! Marishka, our Editor in Chief, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 1st December 2015 and life just hasn’t been the same ever since!

Marishka explains:

We thought we’d be able to continue Sheffield Unchained, but so far this funny little monkey has taken up all our time and to be honest I’m having the time of my life being a mother and spending all my time with my son!

Marishka said that she’s not sure what the future holds as she’s just enjoying being able to focus all her energies on her son at the moment, but she’d like to keep the website live as a resource for others to use.

I know there are a few out of date articles on the website, but I still think it will be useful and of interest to others, so I’m going to leave it live for the foreseeable future.

Still supporting independents

Sheffield Unchained is still supporting independents indirectly through Marishka’s film company Humbledinger:

My son and I had great fun helping Joe, my husband, make a promotional film for independent company Foods You Can a few weeks ago. And we’re hoping to be able to help out on a few more shoots too!

You can see one of the videos (which has already had 9.6K views on facebook) here: