Tamper: Sellers Wheel

Kiwi café opens in Sheffield’s Cultural Quarter

Last Wednesday a new coffee shop on Arundel street, Sheffield announced on facebook; “We are open in 12 hours from now. Doors open at 7:30am, Tamper: Sellers Wheel, a piece of the New Zealand cafe scene in the heart of Sheffield. It’s going to be epic.”

The next morning a second and larger Tamper Coffee opened in Sheffield and it appears to have won the city over already. Sheffield Unchained editor Marishka Van Steenbergen decided to see what all the fuss was about.

The new Tamper is a lot more spacious than the original coffee shop at Westfield Terrace and it has more of a restaurant bar feel than that of a coffee shop. There is an interesting and delicious sounding menu of food, hot and cold drinks and alcohol.

Milo Milkshake and Menu at Tamper: Sellers Wheel

Milo Milkshake and Menu at Tamper: Sellers Wheel

I just popped in for a quick chat and a delicious Milo milkshake, which brought back memories of growing up in South Africa. A friend tried the Thai fishcakes, which she said were very tasty but slightly pricey. I also sneaked a look at other dishes people were enjoying around me. The food looked very good and whilst it is a bit on the expensive side, it was beautifully presented and the combinations of ingredients for each dish sounded scrumptious.

"Something for Evereyone" - Food at Tamper: Sellers Wheel

“Something for Evereyone” – Food at Tamper: Sellers Wheel

I spoke to Tamper owner Jonathan Perry, who has teamed up with Ben Smith from the Hop Box, a small craft beer business which serves beer at outside events from the back of a horse box.  Jonathan said that their partnership adds a ‘Kiwi style café feel’ to the new Tamper.

“We created the space because we felt it was needed in Sheffield, Tamper at Westfield Terrace has a real restriction with space, but this space can accommodate far more people. The kitchen is a great addition and the food compliments the coffee and adds to the atmosphere already created by the space. I think it is gorgeous and we really like working here and we want people to come here and enjoy it and have a really good experience.

“Ben predominantly oversees the bar side of things, we’re trying to emulate a brewery café New Zealand style. There is always a beer component or an alcohol component to the menu, which compliments the food and coffee, so they all link together.

“From my perspective this is how a café should be, the places out there at the moment are coffee shops because, unfortunately, they are all being perceived from a chains’ perspective of what a coffee shop should be. But for us this is a New Zealand café and this is how it should be.”

The drinks menu includes wines and spirits and there is a really good range of bottled beers, not just the usual suspects, but a real selection including local craft beers such as Bradfield Brown Cow Bitter and Thornbridge Jaipur. There are also beers from Ilkley brewery, The Hop Studio and Buxton alongside Odell, Westmalle and Orvall. These were also a bit pricey but they are good local beers and I guess you are paying for the trendy restaurant bar atmosphere and environment.

Inside Tamper- Sellers Wheel

Inside Tamper- Sellers Wheel

Ben said that the idea behind this new venture is to create a daytime offer, with a programme of occasional but regular evening activity with Sellers as an ‘event venue’.

“The beer and wine menu has been especially created by the Hop Box to sit alongside our daytime offer and also support our evening events.  We will also be selling craft beer at our retail concession in the front room along with fresh coffee and brewing apparatus’.

“We don’t intend to market ourselves as a pub/ bar but we are a great place to drink great beer, eat great food and drink great coffee. We have a great range of bottled beers for take home or drink in, and the only difference in price being you pay a £1 corkage to drink the beer in the venue.”

Outside seating at Tamper- Sellers Wheel

Outside seating at Tamper- Sellers Wheel

Jonathan and Ben chose a rustic, minimalist décor for the café in order to preserve the rich industrial heritage behind the grade-two listed building. Jonathan explained:

“The building influenced my choice of décor, it was a working factory a hundred or so years ago and all we have done is bring it back to life and make it into a workable space and a café.”