The Infamous Flapjack Affair

The Infamous Flapjack Affair recorded and released in Sheffield

Independent folk quartet, The Infamous Flapjack Affair, have come to Sheffield to have their debut EP recorded in a Sheffield studio and released by a Sheffield Indie Record label.

Co singer/songwriter Sarah Noyce has returned to her roots in Sheffield with fellow Oxford University students to release the band’s debut EP.   The Infamous Flapjack Affair are an indie folk quartet who play a fusion of UK folk, Americana bluegrass and prog rock. Their first single was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, recorded at Old Pig Farm studio in Sheffield and released by Mothbox, a Sheffield record label.

The Infamous Flapjack Affair is a sinuous celebration of strings where fiddle, banjo and cello twist melodies into a weave of yarns with unpredictably happy endings. The vocals are pleasantly unpretentious and the lyrics explore literary themes from Kafka and Joyce.

The mournful tones of ‘Clay’ are comparable to early Noah and The Whale’s song ‘Peaceful, the world lays me down’; however in ‘Clay’ the harmony of vocals and strings create a surging rhythm which overrides the lack of percussion instruments. With a sound impossible to stereotype, this EP will surprise and delight.

The Infamous Flapjack Affair EP cover art

The Infamous Flapjack Affair EP cover art

The IFA four (Sarah Noyce, vocals and fiddle; Ben Barron, vocals and banjo; James Mitchell, vocals and cello; and David Carel, vocals and guitar) are planning to promote their debut EP through performances in Oxford, London and at UK festivals.

The Infamous Flapjack Affair is also hoping for opportunities to tour Europe and the USA in the new year.

May their story continue!