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Floral design blooms in Sheffield

Wedding Flowers by Glenda Bream offers bespoke floral designs for weddings and functions. To celebrate National Flower Arranging Day Sheffield Unchained meets with Glenda Bream, who reveals that there is more to flower arranging than meets the eye.

Glenda tells us that through Wedding Flowers by Glenda Bream she works hard to interpret the bride’s wedding day dream and make it a reality in flowers. She says this requires availability, a quality personalised service and special time spent with the bride-to-be discussing favourite flowers, colours, materials and ideas. Venues, caterers, and other contributors are involved so that every detail co-ordinates with the flowers to form a seamlessly perfect day.

Glenda Flowers1

Courtesy of Wedding Flowers by Glenda Bream

Glenda attributes her life-long passion for flowers to ‘flower buying expeditions for Mum’ during her childhood when she would frequently accompany her father to the local florist who ran ‘Heather’s Shop,’ providing seasonal blooms, many of them grown on site. She describes many happy hours spent helping in the shop and growing her love affair with all things floral. After school she gained a college qualification in Horticulture and embarked on a long career in retail floristry.

Courtesy of Wedding Flowers by Glenda Bream

Courtesy of Wedding Flowers by Glenda Bream

Apparently there are many outlets for floristry skills, as Glenda demonstrates, describing her ongoing work assisting local celebrity Jonathan Moseley, floral expert on BBC2’s The Big Allotment Challenge and designer for the Florabundance flower festival at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. She points out that floral design is not confined to the floristry experts; there are flower arranging clubs practicing the art far and wide.

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Courtesy of Wedding Flowers by Glenda Bream

Glenda is a member of the Sheffield Floral Club and chair of Dronfield Floral Art Club, which started in 1953. She qualified as a demonstrator in 2012 for the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS), which is a registered charity promoting flower arranging clubs around the country. The clubs meet monthly to watch flower arranging demonstrations, listen to speakers and pass on skills at workshops. She explains:

Most of the workshops are very much tailored to beginners. Even as a very basic beginner you can still do it; if you are more advanced you can get something different from it. So the whole idea is to encourage people to come along and have a go.

Lists of general requirements are provided beforehand, with more specialised equipment available on the night and contact numbers provided for further information and support. Flower arranging competitions are very popular, together with group outings to country gardens and horticultural shows.

Glenda clarifies:

Commercial floristry is very different to flower arranging but there is a cross-over. In Europe all the big floral designers are very famous flower arrangers but they have floristry businesses as well.

To celebrate National Flower Arrangering Day there will be free flower arrangements placed randomly in public places across Sheffield, for anyone to take home as part of The Lonely Bouquet NAFAS campaign. The aim is to promote flower arranging clubs and encourage new members to join up.

If you look carefully today you may discover your very own Glenda Bream floral artwork on a Sheffield street near you!

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