Coffee Revolution

A custom café owned by students

Students come to Coffee Revolution to think, chat, read, write, nap, laugh and enjoy the flow of time. 

“Coffee Revolution is the best place I’ve ever worked —— Alex Mackay”

Sheffield based company Coffee Revolution opened ten years ago. Alex Mackay, a 25-year-old skilled Barista at Coffee Revolution, has been working there for about 20 months. Alex thinks that their customer service is the ‘defining character’ of Coffee Revolution.

He said, “The regular customers I can name are 50 and actually regular people who would take away a drink maybe more than 200.”

The atmosphere in Coffee Revolution is the reason why people stick with it. The friendly staff contributes to this atmosphere.

Meanwhile Coffee Revolution is ethical and environmentaly friendly. All the milk comes from local farms and the milk boxes are recycled.

The independent coffee shop which used to be on Ecclesall Road, moved to the Student Union a few years later and became the one and only Coffee Revolution in Sheffield.

After settling in the Student Union, the favourable rates at Coffee Revolution gradually built up. Moreover, the Student Union soon decided to take over the company and develop it.

Since then, Coffee Revolution has been hiring Sheffield students and some of them stayed there full time after graduation.

Coffee Revolution also holds university events and occasionally holds ‘coffee making’ sessions.

Because of their popularity, tickets to the sessions sell out immediately after release. Most students recommend it after participating in the session.

Unique fair trade blend of espresso from local company

Yindan Zheng, a Sheffield university student, particularly applauded the patient and lively staff. She said she gained knowledge about coffee and experienced how to make different coffee in the session. “It was an interesting experience,” she said.

Because of the great efforts of coffee revolution, it soon became the most popular coffee shop for students and lecturers alike.

Defining characteristics

Last year, Coffee Revolution refurnished and created a better coffee environment in order to serve more customers and maintain the relaxed atmosphere.

Coffee Revolution provides an extensive range of coffees and teas, hot chocolates and fruit smoothies. Only the skilled staff are qualified to make the best coffees for customers and they are trained by experience rather than books.

According to their data, during September 1st 2010 and June 30th 2011, Coffee Revolution got through about 400 litres of Yorkshire locally sourced, single herd milk a week and recycled over 200 milk bottles a week.

All the tea, chocolate and the blends of espresso are fair trade. The unique blends produced by a company called Coopers create an authentically bitter thick taste.

At the moment, Coffee Revolution only has semi-fat and skim-fat milk. Alex thinks that this is the only defect that stops Coffee Revolution being a perfect student coffee shop. He believes that full-fat milk would add a slight sweet flavour and make the coffee tastier.