The Hudares on The Buskers’ Bus, Tramlines 2013

The Busker’s Bus – a review of Tramlines annual musical bus journey

Sheffield Unchained secretly sent out their scouts last weekend to review Tramlines 2013, Sheffield’s fifth inner-city music festival which took place all over the city for three days.

Contributer Chika Ekebuisi hopped onto The Buskers’ Bus on Sunday evening to experience an entertaining tour of Tramlines Festival. This is Chika’s review:

Possibly Tramline’s most unconventional venue, the Buskers’ Bus returned for another year, treating passengers to an impressive line up over the weekend.  With a service every 15 minutes, free admission and a route spanning The Folk Forest at Endcliffe Park through to the Red Bull Academy at Hope Works, the double-decker was, at the very least, a useful ‘hop on hop off’ tour of the Festival.  Yet it was so much more, promising “great performances in an intimate setting”, the lively bus journey certainly delivered.

Brit Rock and Roll

Passengers who hopped on the bus at 6pm on Sunday, enjoyed a lively performance by The Hudares. This Brit Rock and Roll band from Sheffield are no strangers to entertaining local crowds, and have played at various venues across the city including the Showroom, the DaDa bar, the Frog and Parrot and Delaney’s.

The Hudares on The Buskers' Bus, Tramlines 2013

The Hudares on The Buskers’ Bus, Tramlines 2013. Photo by Chika Ekebuisi

Taking centre stage at the back of the bus, the band played as fans casually turned in their seats making the audience look and feel like friends.  Lead singer Dave Howard gave the performance his all and the crowd was enthralled by the heavy beats and fun melodies.

As the circular reached its starting point, it was clear that for most one trip was not enough.  Many remained seated for yet another journey on what could possibly be Sheffield’s most entertaining bus ride.

The Buskers' Bus, Tramlines 2013

The Buskers’ Bus, Tramlines 2013. Photo by Chika Ekebuisi

Full list of performances on The Buskers’ Bus over the weekend: 

Saturday 1pm – 9.15pm

Fallen Trees, Grand Old Ukes, Wild Sun, Lofter, Chayser, The Crookes, Low Duo, Early Catographers, Famous Villians, For Pete’s Sake, The New Union, Red Hot White, Xtra Fletcher, Yellow Elevators, Daniel Mackley, Rawshac, Heart Shakes, Chris Cooper Band, Blue Nation, Ben Renwick, Educatables, Laura Hegarty, The Clench and Pip Mountjoy.

Sunday 1pm – 7.30pm

Paul and Rebecca, Brasinskas, Silent Cheer, Hot Soles, Poindexter, The Ratells, Seven Tors, The Hudares, Invisible Grease, Black Orchid, Let’s Buy Happiness, The Darlingtons, Jack Athey, The Gentlemen, Wild Sun, Laurel Canyons, Stuart Faulkner, Georgina Gilmartin and Natterjacks.