About Us

Sheffield Unchained began as a team website as part of editor Marishka Bream’s MA in Web Journalism at Sheffield University. It went on to win Student Website of the Year for the Guardian Student Media Awards 2012.

Since then Sheffield Unchained has been run by Marishka as a side project whilst she set up Humbledinger, an independent film and video production company which she runs with filmmaker Joe Bream.

Sheffield Unchained began as the first website to bring you news, features and reviews about independent people, places and organisations in Sheffield with a little je ne sais quoi.

Since Sheffield Unchained launched it has grown in popularity and in August 2014 the website broadened it’s scope to cover news, features, reviews and stories about independent people, places and organisations in Sheffield and beyond.

What we cover

Whilst Sheffield Unchained still aims to unearth ‘Independent Sheffield’ and to discover the stories behind the independents in Sheffield, we also want to tell you the stories behind the people that touch us and the experiences we feel we ought to share.

Sheffield Unchained celebrates that which is beautiful and hopeful in life and helps spread the word about exciting projects, organisations or events which we think you’ll be interested in.

We also want to help give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves or who are largely ignored in today’s society.

In short you never can tell what you’re going to read next on Sheffield Unchained, but we can guarantee it’ll be inspiring, interesting and meaningful.

Do you know a story about an independent or something you think we should cover?

If you’re an independent and think we’d be interested in your story or if you know of someone or something we should be covering then please contact Tricia at: info@sheffieldunchained.co.uk

Do you want to write for us?

If you’d like to produce content for Sheffield Unchained then please get in touch as we are always looking for more writers, artists, photographers, social media boffins etc. Please contact Tricia at info@sheffieldunchained.co.uk with your ideas.


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  1. Megan Crawford

    Hi there,

    I’m a film student at Sheffield Hallam University and I’m in the process of setting up my own independent business. As a website that supports independent businesses in Sheffield, it would be beneficial to us to find out how it all started.

    Would it be possible to meet and talk about this?


    Megan Crawford

  2. Peter Rawlinson

    Great site. How do we become involved? We are The Sheffield Brewery Co. and have been operating for 7 years as an independent local supplier to many of the pubs and venues in this region. Our brewery tours are infamous and highlight the very essence of manufacturing beers locally in a heritage building at Albyn Works home to many small independent makers and do'ers in business. Please email the brewery sales@sheffieldbrewery.com or Albyn Works info@albynworks.co.uk for more details. Cheers

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