Independent people, places and organisations in Sheffield

About Us

The first website to bring you the news, features and reviews about independent people, places and organisations in Sheffield with a little je ne sais quoi.


Our Mission

Sheffield Unchained aims to unearth ‘Independent Sheffield’ and to discover all there is to know about the independent people, places and organisations in this city.



Sheffield has a wealth of independent cafes, restaurants, arts venues, clothes and bookshops. There are also many independent photographers, artists, filmmakers, musicians and designers.

Yet Sheffield residents and those who visit the city are often oblivious to ‘Independent Sheffield’ and the benefits of this sector.


The benefits

Independent establishments offer an alternative to chain stores. They provide products which are often locally and ethically sourced, thereby supporting the local economy.


The stories

This website will reveal the stories behind ‘Independent Sheffield’ and discover what the independent sector has to offer Sheffield dwellers and visitors to the city.


Keeping you in the know

We will keep you up to date with the latest news and developments affecting the sector. Whilst also providing the opportunity for lively and interactive discussion about your experiences and opinions on ‘Independent Sheffield’.



We hope you enjoy exploring the unchained secrets of Sheffield and that you discover something extraordinary just around the corner.


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